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Cymbals have fascinated me for a long time. In experimental music and sound art that I have dealt with as a drummer and composer, nuances and specific sound qualities played a special role for me. The possibility of deconstructing meanings and ways of using available instruments have constituted the ground for my interest in the design and the method of producing cymbals. My own observations, research about the production of cymbals including technological and material consultations have led me to the point where I have started to build workshop and collect tools for artisan processing of the legendary bronze alloy with 20 percent tin content - an alchemical key to the world of these extraordinary instruments with centuries of tradition and roots dating back to several millennia.

A significant moment in learning about problems of different stages of the cymbals production was for me the encounter with a small but extremely inspiring world of independent cymbalsmiths - acting somewhat in opposition to highly repetitive high-volume production. Despite the different methods, principles and working in different conditions, independent cymbalsmiths are using creatively achievements, recipes, traditions and experiences of leading producers. Among other things, it is the activity of these artisan outsiders with a variety of technical approaches and creative attitudes, which gave me faith in my own research, ideas and ventures. After stage of reconnaissance and preparations, I have finally set up my workshop in May 2019. The effects of this process as well as the process itself are the subject of this page.


My bio: Filip Madejski (born in 1987 in Warsaw, Poland) is a musician, audiovisual maker and producer, experimental drummer and composer. From 2010 to 2016 he studied at the Faculty of Media Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He took part in numerous music projects at the intersection of discourses and disciplines of art. Since 2019 he has being developing an independent cymbal workshop F. Madejski Cymbals Manufacture. He lives and works in Warsaw.

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