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If you are interested in buying my cymbals or ordering modification service please contact me via email:


Within Poland and worldwide shipping costs varies depending on target region and weight or size of ordered products.. After completing your order you will be pleased to accept the shipment option and its cost for courier or postal delivery. 

Please be aware that when shipping to non EU countries, you can be charged with additional customs taxes. Those costs are always on a buyer (importer) side and each country has its own regulations about how it works. For any questions on that matter please contact the local customs office. 

For modification services shipping costs are on customer side both for clients from Poland and from other countries.
After completing ordering a modification service you will be asked to send your cymbal to the workshop (address in the contact section). Modified cymbal will be sent back after the payment that includes shipping costs. 

Warranty conditions:

Sold cymbals:

Each of the F. Madejski Cymbals Manufacture product is covered by a 12 month warranty covering damages resulting from manufacturing errors. However the warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use. Defective product can be exchanged for another one of the same value (or for a discount) or returned with full refund of its value including shipping costs.

Modification services:

Modifying cymbals is often a serious intervention in their matter. As a part of this process cymbal may be damaged for two reasons. One reason is a material defect, the other one is a mistake during the modification process. To exclude the existence of a material defect I conduct a thorough inspection of cymbal before proceeding. If cymbal has flaws that do not allow the ordered modifications to be made, I can offer an alternative solution or send cymbal back at the sender's expense.

The other option is my mistake (which is unlikely but not absolutely excluded). The warranty operates in that case on the basis of the pre-determined pricing of the cymbal sent for modification. If I will make some critical mistake then I will buy back from you the damaged cymbal at a fixed price or give a discount for one of my cymbal. 

Return policy

Non-defective product bought online can be returned within 14 days without giving a reason. Such returns do not apply to non-defective products purchased directly in the workshop.

Returns of non-defective cymbals does not apply to cymbals after modification services. In special cases it is possible to make some corrections for free. In these cases costs of the shipping are on the client side. 

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